Toughened Glass Work

Toughened Glass Work

Toughened glass in automotive playing a wide role. The quality of vehicle ends with quality of glass. Toughened glass used in Side door glass and Rear glass.

Toughened Glass Manufacturers in Kerala

George Projects offers high quality toughened glass finishes for constructions. Toughened glass is almost four times stronger than annealed or float glass. The glass is shock resistant and when broken it smashes into little, harmless cubes. Using it is important for constructions as the choice of glass can really impact the longevity of the doors and windows. Moreover, it affects energy savings, the view, and most importantly privacy and security.

We are one of the top toughened glass manufacturers in Kerala that offers a range of options for a variety of needs. We are aware that strength, thermal resistance, and safety are important considerations. Thus, we always offer the best in terms of quality and finish. We offer tempered glass for balcony doors, athletic facilities, swimming pools, facades, shower doors, bathroom areas, exhibition areas, etc. Toughened glass can be three to seven times stronger than annealed glass and hence is a great choice as far as security is concerned.

Why Choose George Projects?

George Projects is a leading UPVC window and door manufacturer that provides toughened glass Kochi that is highly shock resistant and in a wide variety of designs. We provide high-quality construction accessories like stainless steel handrails, aluminum doors, and windows, etc. We offer toughened glass in a variety of styles,that are the perfect choice for modern interior settings. One can choose from a myriad of options available or can also get it customized for a unique and personal touch. We also offer toughened glass with frosted appearance as it has become very popular, offers privacy and also enhances the aesthetics of the space.

We are manufacturing Upvc windows for the last Ten successful years. Today we are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality doors and windows in Kerala. During its short presence of Ten years George Projectshas been recognized as one of the Pioneers, Trendsetters and leading fabricators in Kerala.

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