Structurel Glazing Works

Structurel Glazing Works

Structural glazing work is a specialized curtain walling system. It allows perfect uniform large glazed spaces that are not interrupted by traditional frames or any other supporting or fitting system projecting out of the pane of the glass . Instead of being fitted in the frames, the glass is fixed to a support, which is attached to the structural element of the building. The tightness of the whole being obtained by a silicone seal. The glass is fixed on the support by means of the silicone seal along the edges of the internal surface..

Structural Glazing Works in Kerala

George Projects provides high-quality and cost-effective structural glazing works in Kerala. Structural glazing is a type of curtain wall system consisting of glass bonded back to a structure without the use of continuously casketed aluminum pressure plates. We offer monolithic, laminated, dual-glazed or even triple-glazed insulating glass units. Choose structural glazing for a completely clean exterior appearance while the interior can have many different options depending on your design and budget.

Structural glazing systems offer greater transparency than traditional captured systems. One may enjoy the view with less visual interruptions due to the lack of metal on the exterior as well as interior creating a seamless and continuous glass look. Structurally glazed fittings have pressure plates and caps that can conduct a large amount of heat in and out of the facade during the summers. Moreover, since there is little exposed exterior metal, less thermal bridging takes place with the structural glazing, helping to save energy consumption costs.

Why Choose George Projects?

George Projects is one of the leading UPVC window and door manufacturers in Kerala that offers top quality construction fittings like stainless steel handrails, toughened glass, aluminum doors, and windows. We also offer Structural Glazing and Aluminum Composite Panel works. We have been in the business for the last 15 years, and during the time George Projects has been recognized as one of the pioneers, trendsetters and top fabricators in Kerala. George Projects provides structural glazing works in Kochi to give importance to 100% customer satisfaction. Trust and reliability are the values we are built on, and thus you can always expect them in terms of quality, fit and finish.

We are manufacturing Upvc windows for the last Ten successful years. Today we are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality doors and windows in Kerala. During its short presence of Ten years George Projectshas been recognized as one of the Pioneers, Trendsetters and leading fabricators in Kerala.

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