Equipments & Trained Man Power

To make the windows with the finest quality, all our machineries are imported from Turkey&Germany, These are operated by trained personnel specializing in the production of such exclusive doors and windows.

Stocking of Profiles

We keep stock of 100 Tons of Upvc profiles all the time which makes us successful in completing the projects on time. The profiles are kept in our godown..


Fabrication/Manufacturing Process for uPVC Windows & Doors.

CNC Cutting

The uPVC profiles are cut ino the required dimensions by using CNC cutting machines..

Milling & Drilling

Slots for locks, hardware fitting and draining water are made using the machines..


The uPVC frames and shutters are fusion welded to form windows & doors..

Air Tightening

To make windows air tight, sound-proof and water proof a high compressed High Quality EPDM rubber gasket(Same used in Automobile Industry) sealing is inserted in profile grooves.

Hardware & Glass Fitting

At the final assembly stage the hardware & glass fitting is done to get a finished window. We use Glasses from Saint Gobain/Modiguard Only.

Packing & Transportation

The windows are packed to ensure a safe transportation keeping in mind that they reach the site in scratch less condition.Special protection stickers are used for protecting the windows from scratches.

Corner Cleaning & Trimming

After fusion welding the corners are trimmed & cleaned for a smoother finish through CNC corner cleaning machines.

We are manufacturing Upvc windows for the last Ten successful years. Today we are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality doors and windows in Kerala. During its short presence of Ten years George Projectshas been recognized as one of the Pioneers, Trendsetters and leading fabricators in Kerala.

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