Difference between PVC and UPVC


There is a little difference between PVC pipe and uPVC pipe. Both are plastic pipe used extensively in constructions and buildings. Beyond the superficial similarities, the two types of pipe are manufactured differently and thus have different properties and slightly different applications in building and other industrial processes and most repair-work exposure to plastic pipe is to PVC rather than uPVC.

PVC and uPVC are mainly composed of the same material. Polyvinylchloride can be heated and moulded to create very hard, strong compounds such as piping. Because of its rigid properties once it’s formed, manufacturers frequently blend additional plasticizing polymers into PVC. These polymers make PVC pipe more bendable and, generally, easier to work with than if it remains unplasticized. Those plasticizing agents are left out when uPVC is manufactured—the name is short for unplasticized polyvinylchloride—which is nearly as rigid as cast iron pipe. At higher temperatures, the strength of pvc pipes reduces and also it cannot be installed in high temperature because of its non decomposing nature.